Exploring the crossroads of CX and Digital Empathy
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    Jonathan Hawkins
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    Vivek Bhaskaran
  • Ken Peterson
    Ken Peterson
    President, CX

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Thursday, May 27th | 11:00 AM (CT)


CX is undergoing a crisis - after 25 years we’ve done the easy stuff, what comes next?

Companies have been focusing on operational efficiency and customers see that as a ‘hygiene’ factor, not a differentiator. The explosion of digital and the drive to remove friction in customer experience means that companies have engineered out meaningful and personal relationships with their customers. This operational focus misses the key component in what will be the next competitive battleground - Digital Empathy.

Join these influential CX thinkers as they dive into this electric conversation surrounding Empathy and the Customer Experience. With over 40 years of CX experience between them, they not only know that the research supports empathy as a driving force of customer loyalty, but they have also seen it play out in real life time and time again.

Don’t miss the opportunity to dive in with them during this exclusive chat.


What you will learn
  • doneLearn how Digital Empathy uses Predictive Behavioral Analytics to predict what a customer will do next and why
  • done
  • Unpack how 85% of customers say that being treated with empathy is the biggest driver of loyalty.
  • done
  • How do you treat customers empathetically - at scale?